Mange in Humans

Yes, Humans get Mange!

Mange in humans is not called mange, regardless of where the infestation originated.
Mange in humans is called scabies and there are few more hated and feared words because scabies has long been associated with uncleanliness, slovenliness, filth and sexual promiscuity. The truth is, it is possible to acquire the mange mite infestation from an innocent encounter with clothing, bedding or even cloth car seat covers. Regardless of how clean you keep your environment, once the scabies mite has taken up residence on and in your sjkin, washing alone will not kill the mites nor free you from the scabies rash.

Is Mange in Humans Contagious?

Absolutely. Scabies is highly contagious if you are exposed to infected people by close body contact or coming into contact with their clothing or bedding, for example. Anybody can get scabies, regardless of education, social standing or nationality. The most effective way to rid yourself of the itch and rash is to seek medical help.

Treatment of Mange in Humans

There has been considerable research into using neem as a miticide, and certainly there are benefits to neem as opposed to Ivermectin or Permethrin mange treatments which is the treatment of choice in the medical community. Antibiotics, while often important in treating secondary infections associated with scabies, will not get rid of the mites. The important thing here is to get a diagnosis and help as soon as you suspect you may have this condition.

Can humans get mange from dogs?

Yes, kinda sorta. The mange mites responsible for sarcoptic and demodectic mange are not the same species as those which infect humans. Dog mange mites will not survive to reproduce on a human host but they will cause an itchy rash and sometimes a severe allergic reaction. It doesn’t last very long and usually clears up without treatment.

In Australia people handling wombats with mange have been known to get the mites which cause intensely itchy papules and red spots which last a few weeks if left untreated. One wombat handler passed the mange mites on to their bed partner who had not handled the wombats. The handlers found that any treatment for human scabies will rapidly relieve
the itchiness. Methylated spirits (denatured ethyl alcohol with methanol additive to make it unpalatable) was used as a rinse after handling wombats with mange but they found that washing well with soap and water and then applying a scabies lotion works well and immediately.


Mange mite in humans

Image Reference: Human Mange Mite source: de.wikipedia Deutsch: Räudemilbe, weiblich author: Kalumet date: 06.11.2004

Pictures of mange in humans. You can see a slideshow of pictures of human mange mite infestations or rather scabies mites at the following site:

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