Videos of Mange in Dogs

This shocking video is of a female Rottweiler with what appears to be severe demodectic mange, but there also appears to be something else going on with her. Perhaps the owners who abandoned her tried to get rid of the mange with who knows what.

I’ve heard of some really strange things people come up with to treat their pets because they either cannot afford, or will not spend the money on, veterinary services or medication.

How sad, when such an infestation can be cleared up with time and patience and any number of natural remedies which mostly help build the immune system and soothe the skin while it heals.

Thank you to the people who rescued her and treated her kindly. I’d love to know how she is doing!

Another amazing story of a dog with severe mange helped by someone who cared. You couldn’t even tell what breed this dog was!

Look at him now – what a transformation :) Kudos to Sean McCormack!